What about COVID? Will you have camp this summer?
We are hoping and planning for camp this summer. We have over 200 campers registered. As a camp, we will be operating under guidelines of the Texas Dept of Health and Human Services Youth Camp Rules. They state:

The Governor has announced Youth Camps may begin operating May 31st using the following checklists: Residential Camps Checklist (PDF)

We had a wonderful retreat in December, LOTS of sanitizing and no reports of any COVID incidences from the gathering.

Pray for God’s continued blessing and protection on camp!

When to I drop off and pick up my camper?
Camper drop off time is 3pm-4pm on arrival day.  Note, days of the week vary based on availability of camp facility rentals. Please arrive prepared for med check-in, temperature/health screening, have minimal luggage labeled well.

Pick up time:  On closing day we hope to have a celebration of the week together at 1pm.  Check your specific term for dates.

Where is camp Beloved and Beyond?
Good Question!

We will be renting various camp facilities to provide our amazing program.

For 2021 we will have 2-3 locations for multiple weeks around Texas.  We hope to see you there!

See This link for dates and locations.

Are Scholarships available?
We wish we could offer scholarships to every family in need but we are very limited in our first season. You can apply through other organizations like at Inspiring Hands for a scholarship.

As a brand new ministry we are operating on a very tight budget at this time.  Hopefully you can ask friends and family to help your camper, have a yard sale or create an online fundraiser for your camper that might help.  We will be giving a limited number of partial scholarships.  Contact us if you need additional assistance and would like to apply.

What is Sibling Week for?
Sibling camp is for “typical” siblings who don’t have special needs to attend camp with their Beloved special camper brother or sister. (and for parents to get a chance to spend quality time together!)

Siblings stay in a separate cabin with other siblings.  Together they may just discover they are “not the only ones” or see how cool it is to love campers just like summer staff do.

What is your cancelation policy?
Cancelation Policy for 2021

Cancellation: Our typical cancellation policies will not apply while the coronavirus is still a concern. As your camp week approaches

(a) if you feel uncomfortable sending your camper due to coronavirus concerns please notify us 30 days prior to camp, or (b) if they get sick with in 14 days of camp, please email glen@belovedandbeyond to cancel your 2021 registration. You will be given three options:

-Cancel and donate what you have paid to Beloved and Beyond to help support our ministry. (Donations are tax deductible.)

-Cancel and roll over your registration and paid fees to apply towards summer 2022.

-Cancel and request a full refund. (Please note: Refunds may take some time to process and there will be a small administrative fee of $20 held back to cover costs and credit card transaction fees.)

What is a BEloved Buddy?
We are blessed to have 100’s of volunteers willing to help us serve amazing campers.

More info about volunteers at https://belovedandbeyond.org/belovedvolunteer/

Can you provide constant care and oversight for my camper?
YES! Every camper has their own one on one buddy(counselor) at Beloved and Beyond. Additionally, each cabin of 4-6 campers and counselors have two trained cabin leader summer staff who can help buddies and campers have the best week ever.
What is the cost?
The camper fee we charge for summer is between $930 and $950 per term. It actually cost us closer to $1,500 per camper.  So please donate more if you can.

Camper Frequently Asked Questions

We are striving to be the best and most memorable place you can send your camper or volunteer.

Beloved and Beyond camp
Beloved and Beyond camp
Beloved and Beyond camp