The Beloved and Beyond Team

Glen and Laura

Glen and Laura Elder

Executive Director, Program Director

Glen and Laura have been doing ministry together for the better part of 30 years. Together with their family they saw God faithfully bless their efforts over 14 years in Christian Camp ministry for children and young adults who have special needs.
Jodi Ferguson

Jodi Ferguson

Board Member

"Our family has been in ministry to those with different kinds of abilities for 18 years and what a wonderful and life-changing ride it has been! We feel most at home doing & supporting Camp ministry and feel God's leading, once again, to start a new Camp AND to step out in faith to explore new avenues for the adult ministry. We're excited to see all that God is going to do!"
--Jodi, Matthew, Mary Beth & Anna Ferguson
Steve Davenport

Steve Davenport

Board Member, President

We were introduced to this unique special community through the involvement of our sons Blake and Matthew. In 2014 our son Blake was asked by a friend to come volunteer with her at a camp for kids with special needs. The experience was life changing and set our entire family on a course we had never thought about. Blake’s enthusiasm was contagious and ended up with brother Matthew also catching fire a year later. Believing God orchestrated our collision with the Elder and Ferguson families and their ministry to families with special needs we feel called to partner with them in God’s next big plan Beloved ministries.

Cherie Ruffino

Board Member

Being the mother of a special needs child has truly been a gift from God. I thank him daily for seeing something so special in me and Louie to bless us with our Chloe. I am the proud mother of a camper and camp volunteer who are always inviting others to join in the camp fun! Camp has been a life changing experience and has educated all of us, especially me because it taught me to trust. It taught me to trust in others to care for Chloe in ways I would have never experienced in life if she had not been a camper in the care of Glen and Laura Elder. This one experience has since opened up endless opportunities not only for me but my family as well. Today, our family is involved with special needs ministries to offer Faith, Hope and Love not only to Chloe but to all families. I am delighted to be a part of this new journey with Beloved and Beyond and serving not only for our God but the families who are in need of a ministry. I feel so blessed to work beside the founders, Glen and Laura Elder, they have exceptional leadership skills and a love for each individual camper which is witnessed by all. It is my privilege to serve and welcome all to Beloved and Beyond.

Beth Wright

Board Member

We are so excited to see what God is going to do with Beloved and Beyond
--Beth Wright

Grady Ables

Board Member

Tami and I have known the Elders for over 25 years and have seen how their work in Christian Camp ministry has been a marvelous blessing for so many families. We are honored for the opportunity to be part of the next chapter, Beloved and Beyond, and excited about what God has in store for this ministry.

Shelly Nalbone

Board Member

I met the Elders in 2018, when I brought a group of nursing students to camp for their pediatric clinical rotation. I had no idea how much I would be impacted by not only camp, but also by Glen and Laura. Throughout my nursing career, I have worked with children, teens, and families with special needs, but I never had a deep understanding of just how amazing these kids and their families are until I went to camp. In each and every camp experience, the love of Christ was evident and it was so beautiful. GOD blessed me by leading me to serve at camp and I am changed forever. My daughter, Taylor, also served as summer staff and she has grown tremendously in her faith because of the amazing camp culture that the Elders created.
Glen and Laura always say that camp change lives and it truly does! I am honored to serve on the Board of Beloved & Beyond and I can’t wait to see where GOD leads this ministry.
Shelly Nalbone

Daniel Williams

Board Member

Special needs parents struggle to find places of safety and acceptance for their children. So, when we do find others who love all kids as Christ loves, unconditionally and wholeheartedly, as fearfully and wonderfully made children of the King, we take notice. Beloved and Beyond is such a people. God is doing great things in families and for the kingdom through this simple team. And where’s He’s at work the Williams family is compelled and humbled to join the effort to witness His handiwork.


Steve Davenport - Board President
Jodi Ferguson - Board Secretary
Glen Elder - Executive Director, Founder
Laura Elder - Program Director, Founder
Grady Ables - Board Member
Shelly Nalbone - Board Member
Cherie Ruffino - Board Member
Daniel Williams - Board Member
Beth Wright - Board Member


Name – Previous and Current Experience:

Les Beassie – 13 yrs in camp ministry(2 in special needs camping), founder of local ministry to children from difficult circumstances, 23 years United States Navy retired name Captain.

Denise Briley – Special Needs Ministry Pioneer in Greater Houston for 38+ yrs, speaker, author, Parent of 4 children, two have different abilities.

Jonathan Chang (Youth Pastor, Cabin Dad) and Jennifer Chang (Former Life Skills Teacher, Cabin Mom)

Blake Davenport – Camp Staff, Camp Leadership, Banquet Network Church Coach

LouAnn Davenport – Wife of Steve (board president) Cabin Mom, Recruiter, Advocate

Joe and Robin Davis – Camp Supporters, Business Advisors, Friends of Camp

Hailey Elder – Sibling of 2 campers, Camp Staff, Camp Leadership, Camp Admin, Communications Coordinator at Journey School

John and Meagan Hawthorn – Camp Leadership, Special Education, Behavioral Specialist, District Life Skills Coach at Cy-Fair

Maura Johnson – Volunteer Camp Parent, Camp Recruiting, 2 yrs working with Capernaum YL

Dr. Garret and Paige Jones – Summer Staff, Camp Leadership, Special Education Teacher, Camper Parents, Doctor of Osteopathy

Susan Laukoter – LPC, Cabin Mom, Recruiter, YL Leader

Mark and Bailey Klentzman – Leadership in 2006, DJ (including camp dances for many years!), Recreational Therapist

Jeff and Debbie Martin – Camper Parent, Next Step Program leaders

Gwendolyn Mitchell -MA, LMFT-A, Therapist, New Season Counseling

Louis Ruffino – Camper and Counselor Parent

Robin Rettie –  M.Ed., Educational Consultant, Founder of Lighthouse Learning Resources and Senso-science

Mallory Seidel – Camp Staff, Leadership, Capernaum Young Life Leader, Special Education Teacher

Cynthia Stielow – Community Volunteer

John and Olivia Steinhauser – Camp Staff, RN

Noel Storey – Camp Staff, Camp Leadership, Camp Admin

Paul and Cyndy Teas – Founders of Camp Barnabas in Missouri.

Chloe Weaver – Camp RN, Camp Leadership, Camp Staff – Camp Beloved Medical Advisor

Matthew and Sydney Weeks – Camp Staff, Camp Leadership, Program Coordinator Down Syndrome Association of Brazos Valley