Join the Team for summer 2022 and Beyond!

and Impact Lives for His Glory!

Join an amazing team, grow spiritually, have a blast, be a blessing to campers and families by serving the Camp ministry of Beloved and Beyond

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Beloved and Beyond Summer Staff Roles:

Program Staff: Program staff includes a variety of roles including:

    • Activity Leading: Each activity day every cabin goes to a set number of activities and the trained activity leader assigned to that activity leads the cabin through while overseeing and ensuring functionality, spiritual application, safety, fun, and MORE!

      • Ropes Course Facilitator & Lifeguard: Speciality activity leading positions with additional training/certifications required.

    • Special Diets: Our campers, staff and volunteers may have numerous special diets throughout the summer terms. Our Special Diets Team serves as a food monitor and preparer of these meals to make sure our people are safe, fed, and well taken care of.

    • Staff Kids: Friend and caregiver of the children of camp directors and sometimes cabin parents and clinic staff. This may include assisting our friends in getting ready in the mornings and at night, going to meals, activities and other camp programs with them, and making sure they have an advocate and friend to hang out with throughout the day.

    • Worship Leading: Plan and prepare to lead nightly worship at Wrap-Up (nightly programming). Coordinate with other members of the worship team and work together to prayerfully lead campers, volunteers, and staff in times of worship. This may include setting aside intentional practice times during 2-4s to lead worship for staff as we prepare for each term of the summer.

**Program staff typically resides in camper cabins each term and are expected to assist all camper care and other cabin needs and support as needed

Media Team: This team works together to digitally capture momentous memories of our friends’ camp experience. They work together to efficiently and effectively create camper memory books, daily slideshows, and weekly videos that are priceless in the eyes of campers and their loved ones.

BE Krew Leader:  These leaders oversee our group  of the middle school age “work crew”. They serve as a liaison between camp and the kitchen and joyfully embrace all the awkwardness that comes with being 13-15 years old. They empower them to serve and lead them through learning what service really means while also aiding their spiritual development in nightly devos. This role also encourages our Be Krew team in making service fun and planning special “BE-Krew only” activities.

Cabin Leading: Cabin leading entails two different types:

Camper cabin: Cabin leading in this role consists of co-leading a cabin of campers and their 1:1 buddies. This role includes:

Being an example, advocate, safe place, and friend to your Co, volunteers, and campers within your cabin

Camper care may include showering, brushing teeth, toileting, feeding, transferring, and essentially being the hands and feet of Christ to our campers who need physical assistance.

Leading your cabin to daily activities

Lead Camper and Volunteer Devotionals daily

Sib Cabin: We will have several terms where we also have cabins for the neurotypical siblings (ages 7-13) of campers to attend. This is also a co-led position except without 1:1 buddies. Leaders will oversee a cabin, go to extra “sib-only” activities, leading daily devotionals,  and work together to create a supportive and open environment while helping each “sib” feel so seen and so special.

Beyond Team Leader: These are the leaders of our adult participant program who disciple, mentor, train, and coach the participants (adults with special needs) in being on the service side of camp. They lead devos, have intentional conversations,  facilitate both working times and down times, and plan “beyond-team only” activities.

Clinic Staff: Our medical team is one of the main reasons camp is possible to run. These positions involve organization of medications, administration schedules, and other need based services. They treat all with kindness and work together with the professionals on the clinic team (and on-call doctor) to most wisely and effectively treat whatever ailments they are presented with.

Beloved and Beyond camp
Beloved and Beyond camp
Beloved and Beyond camp
Beloved and Beyond camp